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About Cyndie PhillippeHave you ever gone to work and felt unsatisfied with your life?  Longed for a more meaningful life?  Wanted to spend more time with your kids and spouse?  Has the recent economic downturn made it harder to make ends meet?

I knew there had to be a better way, but my journey into network marketing and social media was not on purpose . . . it was by accident.  I was just looking for some free food sources for my pigs, yes pigs.  LOL  My husband and I, along with our 2 boys, had moved to Kentucky in 2002 in order to grow our family business.  We bought a small farm and within 2 years started to raise cattle.  Over the years, other critters were added including horses, pigs and sheep.  Inspired by some articles I had read on free food sources for pigs, I called a local dairy farm to ask about milk.  It turned out the woman who answered the phone was a network marketer . . .  Little did I know the journey I was about to begin . . . . . .Old Oak Farm Large Black Hogs

Today, Facebook marketing is a real love of mine.  But back then I didn’t want to have anything to do with it!!  I had to get over that quickly as Facebook is an amazing place for marketing.  I took my first Facebook marketing course in late 2012, and discovered my love of marketing.

The next significant event for me was an MLM training event.  The training was great, but the biggest impact was the night the female leaders of our team decided to do make-over’s.  I didn’t realize until then that I had lost my pride in myself.  I wanted that back!

You could say that my journey through the marketing world was the result of attending events.  Leaders are constantly encouraging everyone to attend events, saying they are life-changing.  Now I KNOW why.  My next major turning point was a 2-day Success Seminar.  I thought it would be mostly MLM centered.  But it turned out to be all about personal growth.  What I learned in that seminar DID change my life!

The reason I love network marketing is not the income potential (which is a wonderful reason all by itself), but the personal growth.  We all have greatness within us.  Network marketing stretches us, challenges us, helps us find the strengths we have inside.

I encourage you to get past your fears and challenge yourself to find the wonderfulness that is inside of you, and LET IT SHINE!!  Find your passion . . . your purpose.  There you will find your Success!

Contact me.  Let me help you on Your Journey to Personal and Business Success!

To Your Success!
Cyndie Phillippe

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