Confessions of a Bright Shiny Object Victim

Let’s start with my Confession – get it out there up front (ha, ha):  I have spent so much time over the last year+ taking courses and learning marketing strategies, that I have often neglected the important part of being in business – DOING the business.  Duh!

The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is an insidious thing.  It’s like chasing fireflies as a kid . . . just keep catching and chasing for more.  Fun, but what is the end result?  A jar of dead fireflies two days later that you forgot to let go.  Now I’m not trying to be grim here, the whole firefly scene for a child is magical and wonderful, and creates fond memories.  (That’s probably why I brought it up.  It is firefly season here and the nightly displays have been wonderful.)  No, I am not out there chasing fireflies . . . just enjoying the display from the porch.  It is still magical . . .

But here is where it ties in . . . with another Confession:  It has been easier, and sometimes more fun, to explore all the fascinating marketing strategies and dabble at them instead of doing the hard work of working the business.  This is a common trap that marketers get caught in –the “bright, shiny object syndrome” leading us away from our goals . . . out into the magical, fun aspect of learning and playing.

The better way to do this is to take a training and completely implement it, thus really learning and mastering it.  Then, teach others how to do it.  Ray Higdon calls it ILT (Invest, Learn, Teach).  I have been doing this with some strategies for Facebook marketing.  But there have been SO many trainings I took, didn’t implement and jumped to the next one.  And how about those trainings we buy and didn’t even go through . . .

Hopefully, you have been able to benefit from some of my Facebook marketing trainings.  That has been my favorite marketing strategy from the start, and I have several training videos on YouTube to pass along what I have learned.  So I haven’t been a complete slug, he, he . . .

I particularly enjoyed my most recent Facebook Ads training where I used a little different approach . . . and it was quite fun.  I would love for you to check it out.  I did a series of 7 short videos going through in real time, the decisions and tweaking I did to a new Facebook Page Likes ad campaign with the goal to lower the Cost Per Click and increase the Click-Through Rate.

Since I was doing it live, posting the new installments as soon as I recorded them, I am grateful that I was successful in reaching my goals.  I started with CPC’s ranging from 70 cents to over $1 (and one over $2!), and ended at 37 cents.  Whoo Hoo!  I’m glad I was able to find a winning combination so I didn’t publicly fall flat on my face.  Ha, ha.

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