Fear or Faith – The Choice is Yours – You Can’t Do Both

Fear or Faith – The Choice Is Yours
At some point, you need to choose. Will you stay with fear, or soar with faith?

I recently listened to a powerful webinar from MLSP.  Two rising stars in the MLSP community had a goal for the webinar to bring the audience to a mindset shift.  WOW – they did good!

Steve was very open about himself and that he had reached a point in October of 2013 where he had given up on himself.  He was having a crisis of confidence.  Who hasn’t had that problem?

So he was faced with a decision:  Stay down there wallowing in it, or give himself a kick in the butt, figure out how to get out of this, and take action.

You guessed it – he decided to take action . . . He started connecting with people who were successful leaders and listening to mindset training . . .  Not only did he pull himself out of it, but he went on to successfully build his home business and quit his job.

I don’t want this to sound cliché . . . It was no easy feat . . . Not everyone has the conviction to do this.  But that is all it took – Conviction.  Once he decided what he wanted to do, he stuck with it and made it happen.

Where in your life do you need some conviction?  What decisions have you been avoiding?  Why??

It is probably FEAR.  Fear is a funny thing . . . Did you know that Fear is not real?  WHAT you say!!  You are Crazy!!  Then let me add another one – the Comfort Zone . . .  Now you are thinking I have REALLY lost it!

OK, hang with me a minute, and I will make it all clear.

Where does Fear come from?  It is our mind projecting events out into the future.  They haven’t happened yet.  It is our imagination creating future events . . . What if this? . . . What if that?  Our mind is trying to protect us. . . But in reality, it is shutting us down.

The Comfort Zone?  Are you really that happy and comfortable there?  Do you have a feeling that something is missing? . . . maybe Life? . . Living to your fullest potential? . . Really feeling and experiencing life in its abundance?  Our Comfort Zone is our bubble protecting us from what we fear. . . And what does fear do? . . . Right, it keeps us from exploring and growing.

Then in steps Faith.  Do you have Faith?  Faith in yourself? . . . in a Higher Power? . . in life’s goodness and abundance? . .

Do you BELIEVE that you have VALUE to give to the world? . . that you are good enough? . . .

That’s what YOU NEED.  Once you truly have faith in yourself, in your higher power, in life’s abundance . . . Fear Goes Away.

Faith and Fear can’t exist in the same place.  You have to make a choice . . .

Choose wisely.

To Your Success!


Cyndie Phillippe

Home Business & Social Media Marketing Professional
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  1. Hi Cyndie… I love those kinds of amazing stories. They are sometimes what gives us the power to push through, especially when they tell you, “If I can do it, you can do.” But, then again… back to faith. I think faith does have a lot to do with it, you have to believe to get started. I also think that sometimes sheer determination takes over. (Maybe another method of faith?) Great post.

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