Do You Suffer From the Employee Mentality?

Employee Mentality

We were raised to grow up and get a job.  Our parents guided us that way, our schools, our culture.  “If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.”  “Practice makes perfect.”  Any of this sound familiar?

Not saying this is a bad thing.  It is a good goal to learn lots, get out there, be a productive member of society and get a . . . well, no everyone ends up or even wants a “job.”  What about going your own way, following a passion, building your own business?

Our society is so engrained with the thought of growing up and getting a job, that people who want to do something else are scoffed at, ridiculed, shamed, made to feel bad or silly or crazy.

So if you are one of those that has a vision to make something of yourself and your life outside of the J.O.B. lifestyle, you need to look closely at how all these messages are affecting your ability to follow your vision, break out of the mold, build a business of you own. . . .


Perfectionism vs. Doing It

In order to advance at work, one needs to strive for perfection, do your job well.  Your performance reviews and advancement are dependent upon this.  But when you are starting your own business, you need to try new things, fail at new things, take chances with new ideas.  Failure is an inevitable part of your path.

You can’t let perfectionism get in your way.  If you think everything has to be perfect before you can move forward, you may never move forward.  One learns by doing so you have to get out there and just do it.  Forget about being perfect – instead strive to do better.


Regimented Time vs. Setting Your Own Schedule

When you are working a job, someone tells you when to be at work, when to take lunch, when you can go home.  They give you deadlines for your work tasks.  Your schedule and goals are set for you.

But when you work for yourself, you have no structure unless you create it yourself.  And that can get tricky.  There are so many disruptions, distractions, and “Oh, I can take off for a few hours and get that done tomorrow.”  I hope you realize that tomorrow never comes.

Discipline – You HAVE to have discipline.  You basically have to pretend that you have a regular job and set hours for yourself.  It is a business, not a hobby.  You have to treat it like a business.

Goals – You have to learn how to set goals and deadlines, and have the discipline to stick to them.


The Transition

The transition from the employee mentality to the entrepreneurial mindset can be a difficult one.  It can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated.  Not to mention, that you are trying to figure out marketing strategies, lead generation, prospecting, etc.

So how do you develop the discipline and skills to run your own business?  You need to:

  • Hang out with similar-minded, supportive people.
  • Find a support system dedicated to your success.
  • Follow leaders who have figured it out already and do what they do.
  • Develop the skills and habits of the top producing 1% of the home business industry.

You need to learn how to be productive.  You need to maximize your efforts.  When you have your own business, you get paid for results, not for time.

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To Your Success!


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