How to Design a Facebook Cover That Says YOU – The Key Elements

How To Design a Facebook Cover
How To Design a Facebook Cover

First impressions are important.  When someone visits your Facebook page, the first thing they see is your Facebook cover photo.  So you need to know how to design a Facebook cover that is memorable, eye-catching and brands YOU!

Generally, your Facebook page cover design should follow these guidelines:

  • Size:  851 x 315 pixels.  If not exactly right, you can shift it around once it is loaded.
  • Avoid copyright infringement
  • Brand yourself with colors and personal images


There are 6 Key Elements to a Great Facebook Page Cover Design:

  1. High definition background
  2. A short statement or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of what you or your page is about
  3. A professional picture of you preferably with the background removed
  4. Some type of accent color or shape with a 2-3 word power statement
  5. Brand your page with color. Pick a color scheme and maintain it in all your graphics.
  6. Add a Logo if you have one


Here are some pointers and resources for putting this all together.

Picking Your Brand Colors

Your brand colors can have a major impact on how your brand is perceived and remembered.  There is a whole science to it.  But to keep this simple, I have listed a few resources for researching colors and color combinations.

Find colors that resonate with you, but also make sure that they aren’t major marketing turn-off’s.  There are some colors that will chase people away!  Here are a few fun and useful resources for diving into the world of color.


Creative Graphics Tools

There are many graphics tools out there that you can use for your Facebook header design.  The ones listed below are the ones I hear bantered around most often in the online marketing circles.  Here are a few:

  • Photoshop and Photoshop Templates
  • Pixlr (
  • Tricked Out Timeline (
  • PicMonkey (
  • Canva (My favorite – see video below) (

Canva has become my favorite graphic design tool.

Here is a video I did to show you how to easily make a cover photo in Canva:


Sources of TRULY Free, Royalty-Free Photos

Finding graphics that are safe to use can be a problem if you don’t know where to go.  DO NOT just go to Google and find a random image.  You can get in trouble for Copyright infringement.  Also keep in mind that Royalty-Free does not necessarily mean no cost.

If you find a site that claims free images, completely check them out and any disclaimers they have.  I found one called, but the disclaimer states that the pictures are copyrighted and can’t be used for commercial purposes.  So make sure you read the fine print.

Here are 2 sources I know of that have absolutely free and safe picture to use for commercial purposes:

  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay


Sources For A Logo

There are some logo-making softwares available.  Just do an online search to find one you like.  Or you can use a design service and save yourself some time.

Here are 3 design services that I have heard recommended.  Fiverr is $5 for just the basic logo.  99 Designs is more expensive but make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  If you need some of the add-on’s available through Fiverr to be able to use the logo the way you want, the cost could be about the same or even cheaper with 99 Design.  Do your research.

  • Fiverr
  • 99 Designs
  • Vista Print Free Logo Designer


Sources For the Whole Banner

Same recommendations and cautions apply as stated above for the Logo.

  • Fiverr


So to design a Facebook page cover, you have many options from free to expensive, DIY to Done-For-You.  But no matter what option you choose, make sure it Brands You well with your Colors and Style, AND your Message!


To Your Success!


Cyndie Phillippe

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