Goal-Making for 2015 – S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Happy New Year All!!  It’s that time of year for New Year Resolutions, setting goals . . . .

Oh . .  wait a minute . . . was I supposed to set goals for 2015?  Oops!

OR did you remember to set up a plan to follow everyday??  Oops!

Did you follow the plan you set??  Oops!

How many times have we all set goals and laid out plans, and then not stuck to them.  I’m sure for most of us, it has been often.  I know it has been for me!  Actually goal-setting, as well as creating and following a plan has been one of my biggest obstacles.  It is too easy to forget, get sidetracked, get pulled away by life.

But fortunately, every new day gives us a new chance to Make It Happen!

To help you along, let’s talk about SMART goals.

S – Specific

M – Measureable

A – Achievable

R – Results-Oriented

T – Time-bound

These are the critical components of any good goal.

Example:  By January 31, 2015, implement a new lead management system for all leads from all sources using a simple database or spreadsheet tool so that no leads fall through the cracks, and all leads are contacted a minimum of once a week.

Specific:  Be as specific as you can.  If your goal is too vague, it will be hard to know if you are actually achieving it.  Make them simple and clearly defined.  Specific is the What, How, and Why of the goal.

Example:  What – implement a new lead management system for all leads

How – using a simple database or spreadsheet tool

Why – so that no leads fall through the cracks, and all leads are contacted a minimum of once a week

Measurable:  This gives you tangible evidence that you have accomplished the goal.  In this example, the system has to be implemented by January 31, 2015.

Achievable:  You want your goal to stretch you slightly so you are challenged, but be realistic for you so that you have a chance to actually reach it.  In this example you must have a basic understanding of a lead management system and the database or spreadsheet tool.  Or you must be able to learn how to use them in the timeframe.

Results-Focused:  You want to measure outcomes, not activities.  In this example, one needs to be able to manage new leads without losing or forgetting them.

Time-Bound:  The time limit sets a sense of urgency.  There must be tension between the current situation and the vision of the goal in order for it to be important enough to accomplish it.


Steps To Follow:

(1) Write your goal as clearly and concisely as possible.

(2) Define each SMART element to assure that the goal includes each one.

(3) Revise your goal as needed to address each element.

(4) Get an Accountability Partner.  Exchange your goals and hold each other to it!!


Make a VOW RIGHT NOW to set your goals & plan, and stick to it – EVERYDAY!!

To Your Success!


Cyndie Phillippe

Home Business & Social Media Marketing Professional
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