How to Get Your Facebook Ads Approved

Are you frustrated with your Facebook ads being rejected? Who out there hasn’t had this happen numerous times? Have you read through the Facebook Advertising Policy? I thought not. I did the same thing. I jumped into advertising and learned some of this the hard way.

So do yourself a favor and read them. The link is provided at the end of this article.

Your problems are probably on this list of major ad-stoppers.

Biggest Ad-Stoppers:
1. Too Much Text – This is probably the biggest reject issue. Text cannot cover more than 20% of the graphic. I have found that logos and product labels, especially if they are blurry, don’t count. Facebook provides a grid that you can use to determine what percentage text coverage you have. Go to:

2. No Before/After pictures. It is too easy for these to be fake so Facebook just doesn’t allow them.

3. Don’t make claims that might not work for everyone.

4. No non-functional details on graphic; e.g., a video play button. However, a labeled action button is OK which describes what happens when they click on your graphic.

5. Your Landing Page must match the promotion given in the ad, and NOT contain any links to FB prohibited product or service. This can be very frustrating for people as they don’t really understand the problem. It is kinda hidden because it is something on your landing page.

6. If you need to use the word “Facebook” in your ad, use a capital “F” and use the same font and size as the surrounding text. Don’t use the FB logo in place of the word, modify the word, or use an altered FB logo. Don’t imply any Facebook endorsement or partnership.

7. Relevancy – All components of the ad must be relevant to the product or service. If everything isn’t congruent, first it isn’t a very good ad, but also Facebook looks at that as deceptive.


All of this information is from the Facebook Advertising Policies found at

You need to go to this site and get familiar with them if you want to make Facebook advertising a smooth process, not get your ads rejected, or, even worse, get blocked from using Facebook ads!

So go to this link and read through it!

And Happy Advertising!!

To Your Success!


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